Cahaya Temaram

A Traveler Story

One day a lonely traveler saw a star on a dark night. She was so amazed by his brightest light in the night sky.
Since then she has often accompanied the star at night. Although in her heart, she often felt that the star had never noticed her presence. Actually, they don’t communicate much, just do their own activities together. But she was happy because the star can inspire her in many ways.

The night changed, she was still faithfully waiting for the star at night. But the star doesn’t always appear. Sometimes he comes, sometimes he goes. The longer it takes, the more often the star disappears. Until finally, she never saw the stars again. Light pollution leaves the night sky only dark.

Starlight could no longer shine on her this time. But she believed that the star was still shining brightly there, even brighter. She believes that the star is happy with his adventures in the vast universe.

Every night before going to sleep, she always imagined that one day she would meet the star again. Until finally her eyes really closed and met the star in a dream.(Tdk)***

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